our meetings

Following COVID-19 measures and protocols and complying with Government regulations
we have decided to move forward with an in person meeting schedule.

If you would like to attend in-person and are a visitor to our assembly,
please contact us to let us know ahead of your planned visit.  
This will help us with planning purposes upon your arrival. 

We kindly ask each one to wear their masks or face coverings throughout the duration of the meeting.
Please maintain social distancing where possible.

Rememberance meeting Sundays @ 9:30am

(In Person)

The Breaking of the Bread is the central point of our gatherings. 
We are told through the Bible, that we are to do this to remember our Lord Jesus Christ, until He comes.
This meeting consists of partaking of the bread
(which signifies His body freely offered)
and the wine (which signifies His blood that He shed on the cross)

Each celebration of the Lord’s Supper includes praising and thanksgiving on Christ’s  life, death and resurrection remembering and reflecting on the Lord Jesus Christ, of His willing sacrifice on the cross.

You are invited to join us for an Online Gospel Meeting 
every Sunday at 6:30pm LIVE on Zoom

    Please see our Livestream link on our Home page
to access our Gospel meetings online