Our history

Christians Gathered unto the name of The Lord Jesus Christ
Midland, Ontario Canada

Alexander Marshall
Alexander Marshall

The gospel was first preached in the area by a man named Mr. Alexander Marshall in tent meetings, which took place in Waverly, Ontario, beginning in the summer of 1883, and continuing to follow the summer, with a good number of souls professing faith in Christ. In the Summer of 1888, Mr. Marshall set up a tent near the waterfront at the bottom of King Street in Midland, and preached the gospel faithfully for a number of weeks.
Interest was good, and souls were being saved, so tent meetings continued the following summer as well. 
Mr. Marshall continued to work in the area having gospel meetings in the upstairs of a building at the lower end of King Street.
God continued to work, with the result of an assembly being planted in Midland in the late 1890s.

The assembly met in the upstairs room in the same King Street building for a number of years, to moving to still another rented chamber on Dominion Street, near where the Midland Post Office is now located. 
The first conference was held in 1896.
In the mid to late 1920s, the work was spurred on the arrival of three men who shared an excerise to see a further work done here.  These men were Mr. James Marshall, Mr. F.W. Watson, and Mr. John Sylvester. 

Ministry meetings and further gospel efforts continued with blessing. 

In 1931, after much prayer, the property at the corner of Midland Avenue, and Dominion was purchased and construction began.  These preachers were true workers, who rolled up their sleeves, and dug the basement by hand with picks and shovels.  A horse drawn scraper was obtained at one point, which was a great help. 
The Depression was in full swing, but God provided the money and workers as needed. 

The building was completed in the late spring of 1932. In the new building which bore the sign “Gospel Hall”,  a series of gospel meetings bore immediate fruit.
A young woman named Stella Sharp confessed faith in Christ, and was the first person to be baptized in the new building several weeks later.  Miss Sharp was received into assembly fellowship two weeks later, and continued steadfastly for over sixty years.